Being Alive

I just wanted to share a quick thought. One person I wanted to speak with as I’m traveling the next couple months was a friend of mine that I met while I was serving as a Mormon missionary in Cambodia. He can often be found in Arizona where I was until yesterday or San Diego, where I am now. It just so happened that he got back to Arizona the night before I left to come to California. I was a little bummed to miss him, but gratefully, he called and we got to chat for a few minutes and laugh at ourselves for our crossing paths timing.

It struck me as we talked and he shared some projects he’s considering working on and as he talked about his relationship with the Mormon church, how different our paths can be when we are trying to honestly assess ourselves and what we value in life. It was almost sublime to watch the sunset behind the mountains as I inched closer to San Diego and to hear this friend talk about the backlash he’s had as he’s distanced himself from the faith that he and I both grew up with. I won’t delve into his reasons for his departure–that would probably be better left to him anyway–but I can’t help but respect him for trying his best to understand life and live it honestly. His path is different from mine, but the core of what he is doing is something I respect. I think of him as an honest explorer. I believe people like that are destined to find good things. Whenever I’m talking to people that are trying, though I may not see life like they do, there is always a good energy about them. That’s what I love and am looking for in people I meet and hope for in everyone. Let’s all follow our bliss.

Anyway, I’m here in San Diego and headed to LA and further north this week. Here’s to hoping I can find some people good enough to share their stories and get a few tidbits put up here.

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