More On Episode 2

As per usual, I just want to add a little more than the tagline post and provide a better in post media player.

Kate Hubrich and I got to chat towards the beginning of 2016. As we talked something that was very clear is how self-aware Kate is. She has a defined set of values that are self-refined and that come from thoughtful consideration and experience. There was a point as we chatted that Kate shared four pillars that she lives by: maintaining close family relationships, giving back to others, helping friends with their goals, and living a life close to God. It became evident upon review of the conversation that those pillars truly are a guide for how Kate lives her life.

Kate talked about growing up in Montana and some of her childhood difficulties in dealing with a health problem that was not diagnosed for some time, losing a sister, and her family moving to Utah. The way she and her family responded to those difficulties laid a foundation for Kate that established her four pillars. As her family supported one another in those difficult times and through the encouragement of Kate’s mom to get involved in community service as an adolescent, Kate’s life provides the evidence of how powerful her pillars are for living a fulfilling life.

What is particularly profound about Kate’s story is that she opens up about fear. She talked at length about how fear can interfere with living life the way we want to live it. In her case she shared that her ideal life would be to travel the world and live to help those that are in need, such as refugees, victims of violence and abuse, etc. As we talked and Kate considered fear, she illuminates many areas of life where fear can change us, particularly in holding us back when we get comfortable with a status quo.

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