Welcome to Reflection! Reflection is a podcast and blog about people. More specifically, I am here to share the stories and lessons found as we reflect on different people’s lives. I initially set out to ask people how life was when they were younger, what they expected out of life, what has happened, and where they are now. I quickly found that life is so much more complex than that simple narrative. Thus I found myself just talking to people and recording those who were comfortable, letting the conversation naturally dictate what needs to be said. I feel that it’s important to hear about the lives of other people so that we can connect with each other and better understand ourselves through the experiences of others.

What I do with Reflection is simply have conversations with everyday kinds of people. Friends, family, strangers, everyone and anyone. As I do so, I share thoughts via blog about these conversations and the people I talk to. I also take the audio from these conversations to put together podcasts about different people I’ve gotten to talk to and letting their thoughts and experiences enrich our lives.

My ultimate hope is that as we all reflect on the lives of those people I talk to, we can all see something in their lives that resonates with us. I believe that it’s easy for us to all feel alone in the world, but hopefully sharing each other’s stories allows us some way of connecting and knowing we’re all in this life together and we have a chance to make the best of it.

-Kyle Wheeler