Episode 10 Barnes Clips

In this episode Barnes starts off by demonstrating a 6 out of 10 burp. He gives a few thoughts on his life going from growing up in North Carolina to being a man dedicated to living a simpler life in Montana. He shows a flare for being passionate about his feelings, but shows a humor for life. He expresses a love for connecting to people that enjoy the lifestyle he does and an aliveness that he finds in living out in the open, all while being able to jokingly uphold Dale Earnhardt Jr. as an example of success without education.

Music used in the episode is by Andy G. Cohen, the song Land Legs from the album MUL/DIV. The artist’s music can be found at the below website:

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Episode 5 Madi Clips

In this episode we hear from Madi, a sister missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She talks about the process of deciding to become a missionary and how she had not ever really thought to become a missionary, but that a series of experiences changed her perspective.